Reducing Risk and Managing Disasters: The Integrated Approach

A two-day intense short course
Davos, Switzerland from 29 – 30 May,
2010 Held as an IDRC Davos 2010 Pre-Conference Course  

Within this compact and intensive two-day course with world renown disaster and risk management experts discussed trends, tendencies and new developments in risk reduction and disaster management (DRR) within the compass of the 'risk cycle'—prevention/mitigation, preparedness, emergency response, relief and recovery. The course integrated the technical, organisational and managerial aspects of DRR and explained how some of the latest advances in applied research can be used in the day-to-day practice of risk mitigation and disaster management. After the successful completion of the course, participants had a good overbiew on the components of integrated risk management, including vulnerability and critical infrastructure assessment, risk concepts, intervention strategies as well as response and recovery plans. The course simulated decision making in stressful situations and provide an introduction into the state of the art of information and communication technologies in disaster and risk management.

The training course adressed individuals or organisation, from post graduate students to professionals likewise that aim at understanding Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management in an holistic approach.

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After the successful completion of the course, participants received a GRF Davos Risk Academy Certificate signed by the Chair, the Co-Chair and the President of the GRF Davos.

Scientific Chair, Co-Chair and Lecturers


Prof. David Alexander         

University of Florence, Italy


Prof. Stefan Pickl

COMTESSA UBw München (Universität der Bundeswehr München), Munich, Germany


Walter J. Ammann

President GRF Davos, Switzerland


Matthew Anderson

International Police Association, USA


John S. Bircham

Bircham-Global Limited, New Zealand


Prof. Andrew Collins

Northumbria University, United Kingdom


Alexander Fekete

Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Bonn, Germany


Gavin J. Love

Worley Parsons, USA