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Risk 21 Book

Risk 21 contains 250 pages and includes about 50 papers focused on natural hazards. Risk 21 is the result of the Risk 21 Workshop, which was held in Ascona, Switzerland from 28.11.2004 - 03.12.2004.

Microinsurance Book

The scope of GRF’s latest book “Microinsurance – An Innovative Tool for Risk and Disaster Management” is both to investigate the linkage between disaster risk reduction and Microinsurance and to address possible combinations of loans, savings and insurance schemes for low-income people to provide them with appropriate solutions for at least a partial risk reduction.

The book provides an overview on the status and strategies of implementation in various risk sectors (life, health and natural disaster risks), highlighting existing methods, best practices and specific case studies of Microinsurance programmes and initiatives. Particular attention is placed on Microinsurance tools that are capable of reducing the damage caused by natural disasters and unexpected hazards.

Risk Wise Book

Risk Wise is a fully illustrated book in which up to 100 authors describe their work in disaster reduction at international, regional, national, municipal and local levels. Their commentaries will draw upon experiences around the world to reflect how people are living with natural and related environmental and technological risks, and how they are making their own efforts to reduce their exposure to disasters. Risk Wise was published in closed collaboration with Tudor Rose and was released at the IDRC Davos 2008 conference.

Proceedings IDRC Davos 2008

The IDRC Davos 2008 conference proceedings consist of: A “Short Abstract” book (400 pages) that contains the short abstracts of oral and poster presentations at IDRC Davos 2008 (except for externally organized sessions). A CD with the “Extended Abstracts” of the presentations, including the associated ICCR (International Conference of Critical Infrastructure Protection) and YSC (Young Scientists in Contest) conferences (in interactive pdf format). Includes a pdf document of the “Short Abstract book”.

Proceedings IDRC Davos 2006

The IDRC Davos 2006 conference proceedings consist of 3 books and 1 CD. The first volume contains the short abstracts of all the presentations at the IDRC Davos 2006, including separate sections for Poster Abstracts and Invited Session Abstracts. The second and third volumes include the extended abstracts of all the oral presentations within the Thematic and Invited Sessions.


Hyogo Framework for Action, post 2015: What would we like to see. Voices from the field.

Under the umbrella of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in collaboration with Caritas Switzerland (CaCH) and the Global Risk Forum (GRF) Davos has conducted a study on the Swissexperience in DRR using the Delphi methodology.

The results have been comiled in a report on the Initiates file download"Hyogo Framework for Action, post 2015: What would we like to see. Voices from the field.".

Initiates file downloadDownload the report here