Call for Project Partners

"From Thought to Action" through Partnership

GRF Davos is looking for project partners that are already in the process of setting up a proposal and still looking for a strong consortium partner. GRF Davos offers ample experience in Integrative Risk Management in various areas, as well as profound capacity for dissemination and knowledge transfer activities.

European Commission HORIZON 2020 programme

The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research has published a series of calls for proposals under its Horizon 2020 programme for the funding of research and technological development. These calls contain large potential for the realization of sustainable solutions. Thoughts, knowledge and approaches will turn into action through professional and well structured international cooperation. Find more information on the HORIZON 2020 programme Opens external link in new windowhere.

GRF is available as Partner for Project Proposals

The Global Risk Forum GRF Davos seeks for possibilities to partner with potential project teams that are going to submit HORIZON 2020 proposals for sustainable risk reduction and disaster management. We successfully focus on the implementation of an integrated approach in Risk Reduction and Disaster and Crisis Management that takes all kinds of risks and the whole risk cycle in regard to prevention, intervention and recovery into account. Our solutions will valuably complement projects in terms of a holistic method for resilience increase and vulnerability reduction.

Areas of GRF expertise and assets

  • risk analysis, assessment, and perceptionrisk governance
  • risk policies and strategies
  • disaster management, crises intervention, early warning
  • integral risk management approach
  • climate change adaptation
  • knowledge transfer, continuous education
  • safety and security strategies
  • vulnerability reduction & resilience increase
  • risk transfer (micro-insurance)
  • network of international experts
  • expert knowledge of GRF internal and external consultants (agriculture, engineering, natural hazards, socio-economics, developing studies)

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  • a potential cooperation and partnership with the Global Risk Forum GRF Davos
  • the GRF activity in FP7 projects
  • GRF capacities and consultancy services
  • PhD student placement opportunites at GRF
  • any other questions or comments